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Date / Time Stamping Files

One common tool I need in scripts is the ability to time/date stamp a file.  The example below shows a simple method for adding time and/or date information to the end of a log file: @echo off Echo [-] Echo [+] Set Date/Time Variables Echo [-] Echo. Set […]

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Restarting a Service

Below is an example how you can restart a service on one more many systems using Script Zombie as the controlling application: @echo off Echo. Echo Remotely Restart a Service Echo ————————– sc \\%1 stop servicename sc \\%1 start servicename In this example we use SC.exe (Service Control) to first stop […]

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Creating a Zero Byte File

From time to time you need a method to create and test for the existence of a zero byte file in your scripting.  I use these files as flags, so that I know if an earlier prerequisite process completed successfully. Creating the zero byte file is a simple […]

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