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CWA – Level 1, Lesson 1 – 12 WPM

CWA Level 1, Lesson 1 - 12 WPM
Created by David “Roy” Godden KK6M
           CWop #2177, CWA Level 1 Advisor.

 v v v v v
 e  e  e  e  e    
 t  t  t  t  t    
 a  a  a  a  a    
 n  n  n  n  n    
 tea  tea  tea  tea  tea    
 tee  tee  tee  tee  tee    
 eat  eat  eat  eat  eat    
 ate  ate  ate  ate  ate    
 at  at  at  at  at    
 tat  tat  tat  tat  tat    
 teen  teen  teen  teen  teen    
 neat  neat  neat  neat  neat    
 ten  ten  ten  ten  ten    
 net  net  net  net  net    
 tan  tan  tan  tan  tan
 finis de KK6M v v v v v  

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