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N3RP – Radio Station Setup

I have had my technician license for 20+ years but somehow still feel quite new at the hobby.  Just recently (01.05.2019) passed my General license and I’m very interested in digital modes on HF.  Since the information was fresh in my head and I figured there would be overlap, I tested for my Extra 30 days later and passed on 02.02.2019.  My next goal is to learn morse code and try to do some QRP while out backpacking in the California wilderness.

My ham radio history:
KF6SKO — Tech License issued on October 2, 1998
KF6SKO — Upgrade to General on January 5, 2019
KF6SKO — Upgrade to Amature Extra on February 2, 2019
N3RP — Vanity License on March 5, 2019

Current setup:

HF – IC-7300 @ 100w max using a Ultimax 100 EndFed Antenna and a Spiderbeam Mast (40ft)
VHF – Icom ID-5100 @ 50w max using a Comet SMA24J DualBand

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