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Checking WindowsUpdate.log

When using Script Zombie to apply system/security patches I was frequently checking WindowsUpdate logs on the remote systems.  To help automate the process I create the simple script below.  If ran from Script Zombie it will display the WindowsUpdate.log file in notepad for every workstation you have selected in the host list.  The output is filtered using FindStr to only show entries for today.  Makes it quick and easy to check for any problems on the remote systems as you are patching.

@echo off
Echo Check Update Log for Entries Today
Echo —————————-
@echo off
Echo Set Date Variables
Set mm=%DATE:~4,2%
Set dd=%DATE:~7,2%
Set yyyy=%DATE:~10,4%
echo Find Today’s entries
Findstr /C:”%yyyy%-%mm%-%dd%”\\%1\c$\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log>WindowsUpdate_%1.log&&notepad WindowsUpdate_%1.log
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