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CNames, Print Servers, and Windows 8

Ran into an interesting problem today with Windows 8, Printers, and CNames.  We have a Windows 2008R2 print server and when Windows 8 clients would attempt to connect to a printer via the AD Directory they would get a generic error stating: “Windows couldn’t connect to the […]

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Schedule a Server to Email Event Logs

I recently needed to setup a way to email a weekly summary of event logs, here’s how I did it: Powershell Script to Export Events  Get-Eventlog -log WebEventLog -after ((get-date).addDays(-7)) -EntryType Error, Warning | export-csv “C:\scripts\sysevents.csv” Email .csv File (emailEvents.ps1) Send-MailMessage -To -From “” -Subject “[WebEventLog] […]

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