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  • Script Zombie Version 0.85 Released!

    Scripting is crucial skill for Systems Administrators and Script Zombie simplifies the process. With SZ you can quickly and concurrently run a script against multiple hosts.

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  • Feature Rich

    Script Zombie is a powerful, FREE, tool from Nerdcentric Software. Its advanced feature set includes parallel scripting, network connectivity testing, remote system information, and number of other Windows diagnostic tools. All of these features are available utilizing Windows core functionality without requiring a client on the remote workstations.

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  • At a Glance Logging

    Script Zombie makes monitoring an active scripting session easy with real-time summary logs. If you are looking for a more detailed command level output this can be toggled via the options menu.

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  • Multi-System Scripting

    Are you a scripting genius? Script Zombie will pass hostnames to your scripts making site tailored functionality a breeze. To be sure the script is completed quickly; the Zombie Engine first checks a remote system verifying it’s online. The Zombie also includes Script Timeout functionality to gracefully end a stalled process.

Zombie Scripting

  • Checking Patch History on a Remote System
    So ya need to see what patches are applied to a few remote systems?  Here’s a quick method using a VB script to do just that.  The first batch file is just to get Script Zombie to execute the VBScript using cscript. runPatchHist.cmd @echo off echo. echo […]...

Windows Notes

  • CNames, Print Servers, and Windows 8
    Ran into an interesting problem today with Windows 8, Printers, and CNames.  We have a Windows 2008R2 print server and when Windows 8 clients would attempt to connect to a printer via the AD Directory they would get a generic error stating: “Windows couldn’t connect to the […]...

ShoreTel VOIP

  • IPBX Ctrl Script to Enable Telnet
    If you do any type of regular troubleshooting on ShoreTel platform one command you are constantly executing is  ipbxctl.  For those new to the ShoreTel platform, you cannot telnet to a remote ShoreGear device without first enabling telnet from your HQ server. To simplify the process I […]...

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